Book overload

I love reading books. Technical books, techy stuff, love it! Programming stuff, new languages, new frameworks, ok I think I have made the point. I plan my week to read a book per week. Sometimes I manage to complete it, sometimes I do not. In the age of tablets and my passion for reading, I got an iPad for myself. I used for some time to read several ebooks and really liked it. But after a while, not sure if it was the continuos staring at the screen or something else, I did not find it the best way to read a book. And hence, I went to back to the old school way of reading paper books. Nothing beats this let me tell you. Not even Apple can make anything better than an "actual book in hand experience", atleast for me.

Although in the excitement of learning new stuff, I tend to get boat load of books from the library near my house. For example, at this moment I have books these lying on my table with disappointed looks on their faces,

- Real World Functional Programming With Examples in F# and C#
- Programming F#
- Domain Driven Design: Tackling Complexity In The Heart Of Software
- Domain Driven Design Using Naked Objects

I should say I am sure I am not going to get through each of them soon. I think there is a reason for this, I look at these books and think, ahh.. got to read all these books, get this done, get that done, yada yada yada and l pretty much skip the reading completely! To solve this, all I did was followed the one of the principles of software development: If you got to deliver a set of features of your software in some predecided time and the conclusion is all the features are impossible to be done in this time by yourself, you can either get more people to do this, or reduce the number of features. Getting more people in my reading activity would be absurd, so just reduce the number of books to read. I decided to get something cool done with F#, so left the F# cousins on the table and returned everything else.

At this moment, I have one of the F# books, sitting besides my lap, I think it is smiling at me, not sure!

Happy Reading!

The Married Life of a Developer...

I will not hesitate to accept that I am just an average developer who loves the joy of creation. I achieve this by building applications for the customers of my clients. At the same time, I love to share my experiences by blogging and learning from others. To quench my thirst of ever evolving technologies around us, I do like to spend time on some personal projects at home, it just keeps my brain lubricated.
I am married now, and boy, this changes things a bit okay...

I have to say, I find it difficult to take out time from my daily activities to blog, write some cool code at home and then talk about how awesome this code is on my own blog :). For some reason, at home I am always doing something! Not sure it ends up that way, but I am doing some household "stuff", be it after office on a weekday, or over the weekend.
And hence my blog posts are so rare these days. I want to change this..., uh wait, ya Ill get it from the store in a minute.....

Back to the blog, I was using Windows Live Writer for blogging and it is the best tool for the job I think. But I do not own a Windows machine anymore at home, so hooked on Mac. I am using a nice editor called Ommwriter. It does not have all the super cool, hip features of the Windows Live Writer for sure, but what it does have is the soothing music that flows in the background. The collective effect of all this is, it tries to put me back into the zone, and that is exactly what I want.

So if you, dear reader, are facing such dire situations, consider this writer

Happy Blogging!