The Married Life of a Developer...

I will not hesitate to accept that I am just an average developer who loves the joy of creation. I achieve this by building applications for the customers of my clients. At the same time, I love to share my experiences by blogging and learning from others. To quench my thirst of ever evolving technologies around us, I do like to spend time on some personal projects at home, it just keeps my brain lubricated.
I am married now, and boy, this changes things a bit okay...

I have to say, I find it difficult to take out time from my daily activities to blog, write some cool code at home and then talk about how awesome this code is on my own blog :). For some reason, at home I am always doing something! Not sure it ends up that way, but I am doing some household "stuff", be it after office on a weekday, or over the weekend.
And hence my blog posts are so rare these days. I want to change this..., uh wait, ya Ill get it from the store in a minute.....

Back to the blog, I was using Windows Live Writer for blogging and it is the best tool for the job I think. But I do not own a Windows machine anymore at home, so hooked on Mac. I am using a nice editor called Ommwriter. It does not have all the super cool, hip features of the Windows Live Writer for sure, but what it does have is the soothing music that flows in the background. The collective effect of all this is, it tries to put me back into the zone, and that is exactly what I want.

So if you, dear reader, are facing such dire situations, consider this writer

Happy Blogging!

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ankit sharma said...

Hi Abhang ,
Accidentally landed on your blog , to be honest i was a bit amused to see that a blog titled "Reporting from Mumbai" is a technical blog (well it is a tech blog if not entirely !)
Thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts , especially the non technical parts.
Please keep writing good stuff , stay awesome :-)


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