Pocket it!

Ok so I might be a little late to the party, but nonetheless I am in the party now. Since I do follow many blogs and in search of new interesting blogs all the time, I always have this situation wherein I do find something really intriguing to read but have to save it for later. The things that interest me are coding blogs for Java, C#, Scala (I mentioned them in the increasing order of coolness), lifehacker like blogs, Agile, Daily WTF of course and the list goes on. I needed something that I can use on any of my devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, my Dell laptop. I needed something that could do the job in at the most one click. That is the best you could do really (cant think of any quicker way really). I did hear quite a bit about EverNote and it is an excellent tool. Although somehow it is not like a one click solution I was looking for.

And then this Pocket shows up. The first thing I looked was the list of devices supported, satisfied there. The second thing was how it is used. It really has a one click solution if you are already using a supported feed reader. I use Feedly (which is an excellent replacement for Google Reader). So all you do is while you have your blog post open, just click the “Pocket” icon button at the top, thats it. End of Story! May be not. I use Chrome as my browser for reading blogs when I am on a laptop or desktop. Its got a Chrome plugin that behaves pretty much the same One-Click way I just mentioned. If this explanation was too complicated for you, they even have a short video on how to use it, go check it out. This is really End of Story.

Happy Pocketing!


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