The Previous Job

I have actually stopped apologizing for not blogging more often. Anyways, my bad Sad smile

This time I just wanted to share some of the emotional experience related to our work. The reason being, its my… I think 5th switch to a new job since I got into this profession of software development. (Ya, I know I am too unstable, moving on).These companies spanned in the Americas, Asia and India. And every time I move on to my next gig, I get this feeling which I wanted to share.

So, a small flashback. I am serving notice period in a company that I am about to leave. This period is aptly called the “Honeymoon Period”. I barely give a crocodile’s ass about the quarterly results, eschew the blah blahs of the manager, I am already feeling so wonderful, everything is suddenly so perfect. The rush hour in the train feels pretty cosy. To add a cherry to the cake, I am leaving the country and looking forward to move back to my home town to work for a “better” company (snickering). Days fly, notice period is over, the good byes are done and here I am in my home town, looking at my laptop thinking about my previous job. What comes to my mind first it the place where I lived. I look at building I stayed for so long using Google StreetView. All the people I interacted with more throughout the day come one after the other flashing in my mind. Certain memorable events, good and bad, consciously come and go in my head. And then I say it aloud in mind, have I taken the right decision? Hmm, deja vu I guess. Smile

One slight point I want to make here is, no matter how much you hated your job, what matters is the relations you have built up. The culture of the new place, the nuances of human nature you experienced here, and most important the friends you made. These things will stick with you all your life. You might have had grudges with one or few of your team members, and that might be reasonable too. But the relations you make, friendships are way way above the work you did. So the last thing you should do is to blurt out all the anger on your manager’s/colleague’s face and walk out. The world is too small as I see it, especially in our profession.

So, it happened to me this time too, I am shedding away that thought for now and looking forward for a next Deja Vu experience Winking smile.

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been through this multiple times ;)

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