Getting back to reading

Yes, I know, I am a slacker. Its been a while I blogged. My bad, but I promise to improve on this (snicker…). I am getting back to my old habit of trying to read a new book every week. Its tough with a full time job in financial industry, but I think until we decide to get some things in routine, they would never be. This is what I am reading these days,


Not on iPad, not on iPhone, and any other “i” stuff. Its good old paper books. However smart and uber cool these tablets become, I am quoting this on the cloud, they can never be as good as having the actual book in hand and reading it. The crisp sound of the page turning, the smell of the page as you turn it, its just unique. I did not see the future, but I think books will always have their supreme place and always a bit above the machines.

Happy Reading!!!


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