Change is hard

Somehow I feel I am pretty much always in a state of dilemma about my job. On one side I think my job sucks, my salary sucks, my company sucks. On the other hand I feel, doing a job switch now would suck too. Change is hard no doubt on that. A new company means new people, new culture probably, new rules, new things that suck (may be less than current company). And of course the fact that you need to prove yourself all over again.
If you are currently thinking of switching jobs, there are certain points which we need to remember. I am absolutely sure that you, the reader would be perfectly aware of these things, but just to get it out of my system I am throwing them on the table,

- You will never be satisfied with your job. You will always feel at some point that your job sucks, and your friend has a better job .
- You will always feel you are being paid less than others.
- Life is way to short to complain about your job.
- Doing frequent job jumps does hurt your loyalty level to some extent, but at least in my industry (Software), my company is my project. If the project sucks, company sucks. Well, there are cases where you can change projects, but I somehow always take the big exit than the small exit.

So... ok. When are you sending that email :).

Happy Programming!


SagaR said...

I'm observing the same feelings :( I'm serving notice period in my current company, but I think you always look for the next big thing in your career, of course I won't suggest some one from Infy to join Tech M or CTS, coz this companies are no different than ur existing one. So always challenge ur self by trying to work for some of the smartest IT companies on this planet. Do I need to list them ? ;)

Abhang Rane said...

@Sagar - You got that pretty damn right. As far as so called Indian "Hi Tech" industry is concerned, almost all service based firms look alike to me. Choose any one you get the same shit. But it all depends on what I do there, if my work is awesome I stay,else choose another playground. And notice period, ahhhh I love them :) in anticipation of new challenges.

Manish said...

I am preparing myself to get out out of that shit!

Abhang Rane said...

All the best then!

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