Microsoft is too fast for me?

Microsoft is quite famous (or infamous) in throwing lots of things at the customers to see what sticks on them. The speed at which they are releasing new versions of the programming languages, upgrades to Visual Studio, new features for the ASP.NET stack, is just amazing. On one side it is a good thing that they are keen in improving the product over and over again, by either upgrading it or completely replacing it with something new. But on the other side, it is almost impossible to keep track of all the new stuff Microsoft is doing.

I am a developer (for now), and I follow some awesome .NET guys on their blogs. Most of them keep on posting the steaming hot new stuff and are all excited about it. Some of these bloggers are full time bloggers and are really interested in doing this. Take C# language for example. I am not sure how many clients have moved to C# 4.0 in their production environment, at least the client I am working with, they are still using .NET 3.5 heavily. C# 4.0 comes along with loads of new features really worth learning. So I am all excited to get on it. I was not even half way and bloggers started talking about C# 5! Dude!

I understand technology evolves these days at real high speed and one really need not be at par with everything in the world. For someone like me following techy blogs every morning before starting to work, I think being very eclectic is is really important. If I do not read, or at least skim through all the posts I have in my Google reader I feel a little uneasy. But its time to use that “Mark all as Read” link sometimes.

Happy Reading!