What do you choose, your boss, or your team?

So you are the team lead and you are responsible for arranging for a team lunch along with your team and the team’s boss in a nice restaurant. It happens so that your boss’s choices are a “little” varying from your team’s likings. You know your boss likes exotic eating places where folks eat anything that moves, and your team consists of chaps that are a little simple types. What do you do? Choose an exorbitantly expensive exotic place where the boss can have a lavish food and you and the team can at the most eat boiled vegetables, or the other way.

You see this was supposed to be a team lunch and it should have been about the team and not the boss. After making so many sarcastic remarks you should certainly know that as a lead your team consists of folks who are with you in all good or bad times on a project, so such parties should be around them. As a matter of fact, if the boss knew this, then you might not even have had a choice to make in the first place.

This post was just another one of those where the writer is pissed off at his job :).

Happy Programming!


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