No one likes their code to be changed

I consider myself really really lucky to be in the business of writing software. The reason being, this is the only creative thing I do in a day. When I am done coding a module, I am like, look at this thing, its my work :). ( It might not follow all the SOLID principles, but… well.. what the heck!). And I bet every programmer on this planet has some kind of love with the code they have written in an editor. When someone comes along and without taking your “feelings” into consideration just tears apart the code to “refactor” it, or may be remove extra white spaces for performance reasons!, you can be certain that the person is going to get pissed off at this. Be it your best friend, girl friend whatever, if you think a piece of code is not written with good standards, it is wise to explain why its not good to have it like this, and then delegate that person to refactor or take it up yourself in a friendly way.

Taking someone’s code, refactoring it and checking in with an email saying that your code was not good enough so I refactored it, will only suck all the spirit out of that person and you would be basically named as a dick in the team.

Happy Refactoring!


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