Ruby like command line access to an ASP.NET project

I have been playing with Ruby on Rails in my house for some time alongside my experience with ASP.NET in my office. It is a framework worth spending some time with regardless of the technology you are working on currently for your bread and butter. In particular, I liked the idea of command line access to a web application. I guess love for command line comes with love for coding. So I thought of pulling out this feature and create a nifty utility to talk with a ASP.NET web application project via commands.
For now the tool works only for those web projects which have a Linq to SQL designer file generated by Visual Studio when you add a LinqToSql dataset to your project. The tool basically uses reflection to pick out the tables in your Linq Context and dynamically create instances to query the database.

To use this tool,

Create a WebApplication project in Visual Studio, add a Linq To Sql dbml file and let the editor create the designer file for you. For now, you would have to build the project at least once to generate the dll. I will add the project compilation code later so that you do not even have to do this build. Thats it.

The tool just provides a read access to the underlying database for now, the code is pretty straight forward to add features like insert, update, delete etc.

Here are some screenshots –:


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