Marrying Windows Live Writer with Ommwriter

I use Windows Live Writer to manage my blog posts in If you are a regular blogger, occasional or a lazy one, this writer is clearly a winner on Windows. It seamlessly integrates with most blogging sites like, etc.
Being a follower of The Rands, I was introduced to an elegant text editor called Ommwriter. It is exclusively available for Mac. I must say that the experience with this editor was just wonderful. The creators of Ommwriter have clearly nailed down the requirements of a serious writer. The soothing appearance, mild tones running in the background just brings out the creative in you. It just emphasizes the fact that the environment in which we work in very much affects the quality of our work. My posts suck regardless of the editor, which is a different story all together.
So I am like, we have a great tool in one hand, the Windows Live Writer and a brilliant idea like Ommwriter. Wouldn't it be great to have the same experience of Ommwriter while I am writing my posts in Live Writer? I will be digging deep into the Live Writer SDK to overhaul any such possibilities. I do not think anyone has tried this until now but it would be very very useful to me.
Until I am able to get something like this, I will continue to use Ommwriter to write all the text and then paste it into the Live Writer to add pictures and other items in it. Its painful to switch between OS to do this, but its worth it for me.


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