Man I love these books!

Every time I visit a bookstore, my mind starts jumping around like that of a tiny tot in a Toy store (or like Glenn Quagmire in an adult store, whichever sounds correct here). I just wish I had the whole amazon book store in my room for use anytime! Sigh! Cannot have that. Anyways, I have a whole lot of ebooks on my machine, but I own some of them. Few of the books in my ebook collection are not available in India. Below is a snapshot of my book collection as shown by the Delicious library.

Picture 1.png 21-52-17-836

Each of these books are worth every friggin buck you spend on them.

Happy Programming!


SagaR said...

Good to see a .NET guy keeping Head First series book in hes shelf.

Abhang Rane said...

Yes, I love Head first book for design patterns. People claim that the Gang of Four book is the bible, but I can be honest to say that the book is not for someone who is about to begin to implement patterns in his code.

SagaR said...

I haven't read GoF, may be because of bibleness of the book, Its like Horowitz & Sahani which is the bible for DS, but the language used is not for beginners.

Abhang Rane said...

Touche. You can get its ebook like anywhere. Its ridden with C++ code all over.

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