Google Wave – The way Email should be.

Google has unveiled yet another cool idea for communication in the cloud. Google wave allows communication across email, blogs, social networks seamlessly. The fact that email being considered as a bulletin board application gives a different face to the traditional email system we have accustomed to until now. Although it is much more than just email and scraps.

And yes, it is Open Source!

Check out the awesome Developer Preview video here

Happy Programming!

Facebook Connect on iPhone

Yup. This is just another attempt to showcase Facebook Connect stuff in an iPhone application. I was working since last few days (taking time from my office) to get some Facebook Connect stuff working on an iPhone. As a summary of what this app does –:

  • Detects your current location using the iPhone Core Location framework.
  • Gets the closest Zip Code using GeoNames webservice. 
  • Allows to search for a place/thing near you, using the Google Local Search API.
  • Allows to publish a story onto your Facebook home page.

Thats all my app does. Here are some snap shots. The app is very much functional but might not look awesome like those sexy apps on Sigh!, I can never be a designer.


Picture 2 Picture 1  Picture 10 Picture 4

Picture 8 Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7

So here is a quick summary of the tools I used to put this functionalities in an iPhone.

iPhone Core Location Framework – This is an inbuilt SDK component which is available for all iPhone developers. Its pretty straight forward to use this framework to get the current longitude and latitude of the place where you are with your iPhone. Here is a link which explains a step by step details for the same

GeoNames – Once you have the geo positions, you can use Google Api’s directly to get different kinds of places around you. Although I intend to have a small weather widget and the name of the city/state you are in right now. So I used the GeoNames webservices which provide a list of probably zipcodes for a given longitude and latitude combination. Here is a link for more information about different services provided by GeoNames

Google API’s – Now since I know your correct location (as per the webservice), I would be using google Local search API to get the nearby results for the search term entered. Google Ajax API for Local Search accepts longitude/latitude combination and a search query which returns the result in a JSON format. Here is the link for the Google API’s for local search

Of course this arises a question about how to parse the JSON result on the iPhone. Chill out! You are not alone in this world. You will find several results for JSON parsing on iPhone when searched on the net, but here is a link which helped me a lot

Facebook Connect – By now, everyone knows that Facebook has shown interests in the iPhone a lot. Facebook connect is awesome and on iPhone is even better. It is a bit flaky in some cases but most of the time, it works as it should. I am sure it ain’t difficult to get a link for this topic :), but what the heck(lazy bums), here is the link Do check out the video on Facebook implementation on iPhone and you are good to go.


Happy Programming!

The project type is not supported by this installation Error – VS 2008 and SilverLight

If you have installed some version of VS 2008 and then discovered that the existing SilverLight projects do not open, you are not alone. Here are 2 things one can try –:

  • Close VS. Open the Visual Studio 2008 command prompt. Give the command devenv /setup. This command takes some time to complete. This command actually resets the VS environment. Once complete, open VS and check if SilverLight projects open.
  • Try out this MSDN blog which suggests installing a patch for SilverLight Tools for VS 2008.


Best of Luck :).