An iPhone app that knows your mood!

While getting my hands dirty with Microsoft technologies all day in the office, I though of doing some more of that cool thing called iPhone development. I had built a RSS reader which I use to follow blogs on my iPhone. Well, I thought of creating something more useful and fun to use. I think creativity comes out of a need. I needed an application which

  • would be with me all the time ( so on my phone)
  • would know where the hell I am.
  • would suggest some nice places nearby my current location. Although it should be smart enough to know that if it is 750 degrees where I am, I am really not in a mood to get in a spa or may be have a hot cup of soup.
  • Also if necessary I should be able to change the settings which would affect the search results, like if I change my mood to say mischievous, the app include search items like an adult store or a strip club. Awweeeeeeerightttt!!!!!! (Not sure how practical this is in India, but would certainly give lots of results anywhere in US).

May be there are apps already created with such intentions, but nothing is more fun than using your own app to do day to day things. So I am in the process of designing the screens and collecting information considering the requirements of the app. Following are my companions during this development process -:

  • Use the iPhone Core Location framework.
  • Use Google Ajax API
  • Use Google Weather webservice

I hope to get this done as soon as possible, kind of having a tight schedule at my office these days. Here are a couple of screenshots which might just scrap the surface of what I have in mind, although these screens might change as I dig deep in my thoughts.

Picture 1 Picture 2

Happy programming!


Dave said...

Implement the strip club locator! Giggity!

Abhang Rane said...

Giggidy!! I am working on it :)

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