Recommended Readings

I love reading books. I try to add a new book in my collection every 2 weeks or so. It’s just one of those things that I cannot quit until I die. The books I recommend are a mixture of technical and non technical books since I think it’s essential for a developer to be enlightened in all aspects of programming. Being a .NET guy my focus is mostly on C# and ASP.NET. The books are not in any particular order but I have loved reading each and every book in this list.I have provided ebook download links for some of them, go ahead and try downloading them.

.NET books

1) C# in a nutshell – O’reilly ( For a beginner in C#)  Download Here

2) CLR via C# – Jeffrey Richter ( For an experienced C# developer, highly recommended to gain in depth knowledge of the .NET runtime.)

3) Professional ASP.NET – Evjen, Hanselman, Rader ( A must have reference book for ASP.NET)

4) Essential ASP.NET – Fritz Onion  (Must have book for clearing concepts in ASP.NET)

5) Essential ASP.NET with examples in C# – Fritz Onion (Must have book for clearing concepts in ASP.NET)  Download Here

6) ASP.NET Ajax in Action – Gallo, Barkol, Vavilala ( Great book for beginner and experienced in ASP.NET Ajax framework)  Download Here

7) Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed – Adam Nathan ( I think it is the bible for WPF developers)  Download Here

8) ASP.NET 2.0  Website programming – Marco Bellinaso ( Good ASP.NET book with a practical project example in the book)   Download here

General Programming books

1) Introduction to Algorithms – Thomas Cormen ( Must have book to refresh algorithm knowledge if preparing for interviews :))

2) The Algorithm Design Manual – Steven Skeina ( Good book with examples on algorithm applications)

3) Head First Design Patterns – Freeman and Freeman ( My favourite book on design patterns, fun and work approach to teach design patterns, highly recommended for beginners to intermediate)

4) Design Patterns , Elements of reusable object oriented software – Gamma, Helm, johnson, Vlissides  ( The bible for design patterns, although go through the head first book before reading this book, thats my personal experience though).

5) Code Complete – Steve McConnell ( My favourite book, a must have book for every developer on this planet!)

6) Rapid development, Taming wild software schedules – Steve McConnell ( An excellent book for good development practices)  Download Here

7) A pragmatic programmer – ( A must have book for those who wanna be better programmers)  Download Here

8) Programming Interviews exposed ( A nice book for preparing for interviews with companies like Microsoft).

9) Thinkertoys ( A nice book on creative thinking)

Some of these books have been taken from recommended reading sections of the blogs I follow.  I can assure that all of these books have been “tested OK” by many important guys in the programming world. So go ahead and read them!

Happy programming!!





varma said...

Hi Abhay,
Today morning some how i got into your blog.I started reading all the blogs, they are very good. Can you please tell any good blog on Java which you know.

Abhang Rane said...

@varma: You would generally get good blogs by just reading around a bit, well known books in java, their authors blogs etc. I would say StackOverflow has become a good accumalation of quality stuff as it is created by one of those I follow.

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