Iphone like unlock screen

Frankly speaking since WPF was introduced every thing I do I feel its an animation!!
I used Kevin's (A guy who worked with me in my earlier company) Kinetic scrolling in my card game to display player names which was cool. I also used similar model to create a iphone like slider(the one which is used to unlock iphone).
Following is an excerpt from the code. Other events are similar to Kevin's scrolling example.
Here the endposition is the x coordinate of the rectangle which contains the sliding canvas.

protected override void OnPreviewMouseMove(MouseEventArgs e)
if (slidecanvas.IsMouseCaptured)
end = e.GetPosition(this);
if (end.X >= endposition)

double diff = end.X - start.X;
if (diff > 0)
TimeSpan time = etime - stime;
story = (Storyboard)FindResource("Timeline2");
DoubleAnimation anim = (DoubleAnimation)story.Children[0];
anim.To = start.X + diff;
anim.Duration = time;


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